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Myr@ - Secrets about Flowers in Fashion Industry and TheraphY

How to wear flowers with style :

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    Commit to a size of floral print. Floral prints come in many different sizes, from large flowers placed on the hemline of a dress to small, dainty floral prints that cover an entire garment. If you're going to wear floral prints, choose a size of print that matches your personality and style. For example, if you have a larger-than-life sense of style, go for a larger print that exemplifies this.
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    Wear one floral piece at a time so you don't look tacky or cluttered. When it comes to floral, less is more. If you are going to pair two floral pieces together, make sure you are spacing them apart---so if you're going to wear a floral top, pair it similarly printed floral shoes.

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    Match plain colored items with the background color in your floral print. If you have a floral top with a dark navy background, pair it with dark jeans, black leggings or other dark pieces. Likewise, if you have a light floral printed garment, pair it with lighter colored items.
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    Avoid mixing any other patterns when wearing floral prints. Floral pieces look best when matched with solid colors. Adding other printed items like stripes or paisley will make your look cluttered.
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    Accessorize with floral rings, floral patterned headbands or similar floral printed objects. If you are unsure about wearing a floral top or dress, go small with floral accessories. Floral accessories are dainty and feminine and can accentuate almost any outfit.


  • "Our response to color is intensely emotional, and flowers can be a catalyst for feelings that stimulate more than just our sense of sight and smell."

    BY Leatrice Eiseman

  • Nurturing: A true sense of caring is created by a combination of colors that are fragile, soft and tender. Arrangements in pastel shades and the softest yellows, peaches, warm pinks, creamy whites and subtle greens make us feel safe, snug and loved. Consider a nurturing floral arrangement for a new mother, a sick friend or a grieving loved one – anyone who would benefit from a caring, loving embrace.

    Romantic: A sensation of intimacy, nostalgia and comfort is captured in this color palette, a blend of delicate warm and cool colors with lavenders and pinks at its heart. Romantic arrangements express loving sentiments and admiration to mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, best friends, significant others and brides-to-be.

    Sensuous: The rich, luxurious color combinations of the sensuous palette set the mood for sophisticated, passionate and even seductive settings. Robust reds and purples, hot pinks and spicy oranges are at the soul of this dynamic floral feeling. Consider a sensuous arrangement for a very special evening or an elegant dinner party – anywhere you want to feel magnetic and extravagant.

    Tranquil: Serenity and relaxation are the essence of this color scheme. Its peaceful palette, reminiscent of sky and sea, is dominated by clear, light shades of green, misty blues and other cool hues. A vase of tranquility is perfect for busy moms, harried professionals and those who seek a moment of calm from life’s stressful situations.

    Whimsical: Fun-loving, free-spirited, playful feelings are conveyed by the whimsical palette, which is characterized by bold, contrasting colors. Floral arrangements featuring these hues set an upbeat tone and are ideal for birthdays, graduations, promotions and other celebrations.


    • When ordering floral gifts, describe the recipient’s personality, as well as favorite hobbies or colors. Your florist can match the floral arrangement with the recipient’s personal preferences.

    • Tell your florist if the gift is for a special occasion (birthday, anniversary or other personal milestone) or just because. He or she can offer suggestions on how to best create an emotion with flowers.

    • If the flowers are for decorating or entertaining, describe the environment where they will be placed so your florist can create an arrangement that complements the style and colors of your home.


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