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InterVieW with a Diamond - ''Pino Gomes'' - about Art, PhotographY & Emotions

''Life is a journey and one should make the most of every 

opportunity so as to live each moment to the full - that is Smart 

Luxury!'' by Pino Gomes

Official Website :

Diamond : Pino Gomes - International Photographer ...

Location : Born in Rio de Janeiro - Brasil - 25.07.1974 ...

Past : Former Actor and Make-up Artist found inspiration to become a photographer in 1994 ...

Secret Code : His own style aims to capture the sensual personality of each person and reality of each situation ...

Present : Pino lives with his wife and son between New York (USA) and Zurich (Switzerland) . Pino has been chosen to be the exclusive photographer of the international project : ''Moments of Smart Luxury'' for the Swiss Made watch brand Gc, to illustrate the brand's new emotional signature . He is currently traveling to capture on film the highly personal and powerful ''moments of Smart Luxury'' of  ''rising-star'' creative personalities around the world, for local exhibitions and final photographic compilation to show the global significance of this concept.

Likes : Popcorn, Silence, Comfort, Water, New-York, Elegance, Art, Intelligence, Snow, Freedom, God ...

Currently based in Zurich, Pino Gomes is a well-known upcoming 

name in the photography field

 in Switzerland, undertaking both editorial and commercial 

assignments for important European

 and Brazilian clients, including many major names from the world 

of fashion such as GQ, Rolling

 Stone and Homem Vogue Brasil.

Pino is now proud to represent the Gc watch brand for their Smart 

Luxury project in Switzerland.

"Growing up in Brazil, a country constantly in development and 

full of social contrasts, gives you

 a special perspective of luxury. To be alive and working with 

the most beautiful people

everywhere across the globe is already a privilege for me
But my Smart Luxury is definitely to be able, allowed and even 

paid to dream at work, and from

 those dreams to build up my life. I never imagined that I would 

be fortunate enough ever to

encounter the variety of people and lifestyles I have and each 

one of those encounters is a

Moment of Smart Luxury for me."

InterVieW with Pino Gomes about Secrets ...

Myra : Describe in some words your childhood... :)

I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, among banana's trees and lots of sunlight. 

Myra : The history of your passion...

I started photography at early age of 10 when my grandmother gave me my first camera. First my cousins were my models, playing in the backyard with them
I discovered my real passion for directing models. Later I also tried my lucky as an actor and make-up artist, but it was the photography artistry that stolen my heart.

Myra : Are you a self taught photographer or did you have a mentor that showed you the ropes?

I believe in self taught professionals, but I had a formal school of photography and many mentors, specially the professional photographers, I have been assisting
along the first years. Include in this list Brazilian names like Vicente de Paulo, Rodrigo Lopes, Clicio Barroso and Claudia Jaguaribe, inspired photographers whom set my world.

Myra : Before you put your work "out there". Do you have it critiqued by someone else, or do you just go with what your heart tells you is right?

First at all, I need to love what I am doing. Than I can release it. But for some works it is very important to hear opinion of those who you trust the most.

Myra : Do You Have A Favorite Walk Around Lens...If So What Is It?

Actually I have some lens. And use all of them, depend of the situation, all are important to me.

Myra : Which one item of equipment would you say is the most important to you[?]

My Nikon D3 is a very important gadget to me. I've got other cameras, but for some reason I feel very secure with this one.

Myra : Do your have a Secret Code for success ?

Each work is unique. You need to give everything always. And love to make it.

Myra : Is there anybody you would love to photograph?

At the moment I am working in project with Paul Marciano, the art director, and I would love to shoot him. I "GUESS" the day is coming.
We are currently working in the Smart Luxury Moments by GC watches project, a series of exhibitions around the world, that will become 
an art book. So, I didn't shoot Mr.Marciano yet, but he will be one of my subjects and I am very excited about it. I always admired him and to be 
assigned in one of his projects it is a honor.

Myra : Can you tell us the true basis of your inspiration?

Love for what you do.

Myra : Workshops on the horizon ... ?

I am literally traveling around the world with the Smart Luxury Moments by GC watches project, there is not much time left, 
but I would definitely love to be involved in educational works in the future.

Myra : What is your greateset fear ?

I would be afraid of not living my dreams. But actually I am living from it now.

Myra : What sound or noise do you love?

I love to hear my camera when it makes: click...

Myra : Your favourite book ?

The Bible. The best and most perfect collection of books ever. 
And I always read it.

Myra : Best Moment of The Day ...

When I am praying.

...Follow your secrets, follow your dreams...



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