Monday, September 5

Myra LoveS ... Camilla's Style !!!

Dynamic Australian fashion designer Camilla Franks has been the definitive style catalyst in transforming kaftans into chic wardrobe staples for fashionistas and celebrities across the globe.

From the minute the vivacious Camilla Franks created her first kaftan five years ago a fashion icon was born. This former actress had been making her own theatrical costumes for years and inspired by her mothers love of kaftans, launched a collection that would change the course of Australian fashion history. With a following of the likes of Nicole Kidman, Mischa Barton, Kim Cattrall and Elle Macpherson, it wasn't long before she was styling perfomers from Fergie to Beyonce who all embrace her wow factor flair for colour and design.

The Camilla label brings wordly charm and exotic flavour to timeless fashion. She travels the world in search of inspiration and aims to create a label that doesn't discriminate, one that's suitable for all shapes and sizes, all personalities and walks of life. "I just want to make women look and feel beautiful whether it's in a figure-hugging micro mini or a lavishly bejewelled cocktail dress".



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