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InterView - ''The vision of the Street Style by Aston Mozie Brand'' - Los Angeles

- Quinn Aston -

Diamonds : Quinn Aston and Ugo Mozie

Official Page : www.ugomozie.comOfficial Page Aston Mozie :

Art Field : Styling, Street Style and Fashion Design
The Secret Code : 

''My actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. A leader!''
by Ugo Mozie 

- Ugo Mozie -

Street Style is a type of fashion that displays your personality, but it still highly trendy. Well Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you into a different world that talks about originality, love and passion for street style in Los Angeles and New York City by Aston Quinn Fashion Designer and Ugo Mozie Stylist. 

Ugo Mozie is fashion stylist amd creative director of nigerian descent. Strong influences for the fashion world with his work for Chris Brown, Tyga, Beyonce Knowles, Diddy, Kelis and many more, he is almost the fashion editor at large at 360 Magazine, the New York fashion editor of Ghubar Magazine and fashion contributor at WAD Magazine in Paris. 

- Aston Mozie -

Aston Quinn has an amazing personality and a strong passion for fashion mood. said that '' The saying goes, “there is usually a strong woman behind a strong man.” Aston’s mom, who was a seminal fashion influence for him, had a big afro, wore giant Chanel frames, took him to church every Sunday, and endured her own peer isolation for being stylish in a way that wasn’t part of her social “norm.” Quinn attempted fitting into the basic uniform of saggy pants and oversized tees at his high school, but opted for individuality instead – no girls and good grades, with his signature mohawk, gold knit cardigans and Grace Jones-inspired African-print blazer. I love how Quinn says that it’s hard to find who you are without your cultural idenity these days, everyone “is trying to be different, but the real you isn’t there.” This too mirrors Virginie, who talks about globalization threatening authenticity, we are more and more a mass of H&M and The Gap. Quinn is commanding, not only in his Transformer shoulders and “powerful back and gold,” but mostly in his very rare good energy that comes from self-acceptance and being at peace with the child-like (not childishness) within, like his icon, the great MJ. '' 

Two souls become one love for success and this love has a name : Aston Mozie Brand. 
I would like to show a different point of view for Italy, a different feeling about street style because we need this. We need to share feelings for the same passion and I was proud to talk with Quinn Aston and Ugo Mozie about their inspirational creativity, useful for a lot of people out there. I'm in love with the style for Chris Brown by Ugo Mozie for Prestige Magazine and I'm in love with the amazing prints by Quinn Aston Lovely Mind. 

InterView - Aston Mozie BrandUgo Mozie & Quinn Aston

Myra : Like Human Soul the best of Aston Mozie is...

 The fearlessness. When it comes to creating garments we totally tune into our imagination and get those visions out graphically. We are currently working on our AstonMozie´ Fall/Winter 2014 collection. For this collection we are distributing our vision graphically on textures that have mature quality. We believe the people that rock with our brand make our brand what it is & the majority seem to live with a sense of knowing themselves and being fearless. We want to empower the people but of course with our vision, our cut, our story. We tell our story through the people & the people that are rocking with us have been the rebellious youth that are not scared to become. We have a broad vision for the broad range of young people that support us.

Myra : The feeling between your creations and Chris Brown or Tyga Artist is...?

 Totally Numb. We totally love Tyga's & Chris' support and we want to continue to innovate for people who are as just as fearless as they are but we want to continue to push the envelope, challenging ourselves everyday to do better, be better.

- Backstage Chris Brown Styled by Aston Mozie -

- Chris Brown Styled by Ugo Mozie -
Prestige Magazine

Myra  : Quinn Aston, when did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

 I never really realized it. I couldn't give you an exact date & time like when we were born here on earth but I do know it was around the time we graduated from high school early just to move to New York.

- Quinn Aston -

Myra : The best moment of the day .. ?

12:00 A.M. O'Clock 

Myra : What is the philosophy and slogan of Aston Mozie Brand?

 Anything we imagine we can make it happen if we do the proper research and distribute it the right way. We take our time to communicate a great narrative with anything we put our hands on.

Myra : Your favourite artist in the world of music?

Michael Jackson.  

Myra : Relationship Model - Creation for you? 

We need new things. That means people are bringing new ideas to life. We need that.

Myra : Tell me some words about your day-work...  

Addictive. Fun. Technical. Magical. God.

Myra : The Secret Code of Success?  

I would say God, truth, and not being scared to splash paint, let your vision breathe, exercise your true dream every second. Thats being consistent and having a positive reputation producing something unbelievable. 

Myra : Describe the feeling when you see people on the road with your creations...

Joy, I'm thankful! 

Myra : What is style according to you? 

Not giving a care within your spectrum of life.

Myra : Marketing Process in Fashion Industry ...  What do you feel about this concept?

 Very important. You need a plan before your ideas spew out immaturely. Your rollout has to be undeniable. It takes time to critique from every aspect of your project, always improving and getting sharper when it comes to cuts or certain details overall with a rollout of a collection

Myra : The target of the Brand Aston Mozie is... 

Were aiming to be the best to ever do it. There is no target audeince and maybe we might do a collab with target in the future.

Myra : Do you believe in goals or not?

Yes, a lot. 

Myra : The last artist that you heard is ...?Lil Durk - ''Right here'' Song 

Myra : What do we have to know about your last collection? 

We are thankful for the response we got from doing it independently. We are focused on this new collection and getting our ideas out into something everyone can love.

Myra : Share a secret with us about your next project...  

Its really good. Influenced by aesthetic and capturing our spew of ideas and mixing that down to something amazingly minimal that can be understood by all, chosen by the chosen.

Myra : Your favourite place in the world?

Into the mind. 

Myra : The most important thing for you... 

Getting to heaven!

Follow your secrets, follow your dreams!


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